Time Coordinated V2I Communications and Handover for WAVE Networks

  title={Time Coordinated V2I Communications and Handover for WAVE Networks},
  author={Jong-Moon Chung and Minseok Kim and Yong-Suk Park and Myungjun Choi and Sangwoo Lee and Hyunseo Oh},
  journal={IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications},
A wide variety of information technology (IT) services will become available for vehicles through the IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609, and wireless access in vehicular environment (WAVE) standards, and naturally the need for service handover will become a necessity. For WAVE networks, a time coordinated medium access control (MAC) protocol named WAVE point coordination function (WPCF) is proposed in this paper. The mathematical derivations and simulation analysis demonstrate that the proposed WPCF… CONTINUE READING
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