Time-Constrained Query Processing in CASE-DB

  title={Time-Constrained Query Processing in CASE-DB},
  author={Gultekin {\"O}zsoyoglu and Sujatha Guru Swamy and Kaizheng Du and Wen-Chi Hou},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng.},
CASE-DB is a real-time, single-user, relational prototype DBMS that permits the speciication of strict time constraints for relational algebra queries. Given a time constrained non-aggregate relational algebra query and a \fragment chain" for each relation involved in the query, CASE-DB initially obtains a response to a modiied version of the query and then uses an \iterative query evaluation" technique to successively improve and evaluate the modiied version of the query. CASE-DB controls the… CONTINUE READING