Time Aware Least Recent Used (TLRU) cache management policy in ICN

  title={Time Aware Least Recent Used (TLRU) cache management policy in ICN},
  author={M. Bilal and Shin-Gak Kang},
  journal={16th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology},
  • M. Bilal, Shin-Gak Kang
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • 16th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology
The information centric networks (ICN) can be viewed as a network of caches. Conversely, ICN type of cache networks has distinctive features e.g, contents popularity, usability time of content and other factors inflicts some diverse requirements for cache eviction policies. In this paper we defined four important characteristics of a suitable eviction policy for ICN. We analysed well known eviction policies in view of defined characteristics. Based upon analysis we propose a new eviction scheme… Expand
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