Time, Space, and Image Making: Rock Art from the Dhar Tichitt (Mauritania)

  title={Time, Space, and Image Making: Rock Art from the Dhar Tichitt (Mauritania)},
  author={Augustin Ferdinand Charles Holl},
  journal={African Archaeological Review},
  • A. F. Holl
  • Published 1 June 2002
  • Sociology
  • African Archaeological Review
Prehistoric images are particularly versatile and difficult to grasp. In a few cases of historical continuity, local cultural glosses provide researchers with a rich corpus of data and help in the interpretation of the imagery. Such approaches contribute to the interpretation of the material in a “frozen time” perspective. Their impact on the development of archaeological methodologies enabling researchers to deal with strictly prehistoric image making traditions without any known descendant… 
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The partial and the vague as a visual mode in Bronze Age rock art
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A preliminary expedition to record new rock art sites in the Tagant region of the Mauritanian Sahara led to the (re)discovery of previously unpublished stone-walled habitation and what are thought to
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Sub-Zone 1 : Mauritania-Western Sahara
Rock art is more abundant in the eastern part of the country, whereas it disappears towards the coast (fig. 1). However the presence of some sites on the coast (in El Aaiún, for example) indicates


Representation and knowledge in the prehistoric rock art of Africa
This study proposes that prehistoric rock art in Africa represents aspects of the natural and social environment which are aesthetically charged, for practical and symbolic reasons, and which are
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Les celebres fresques du Tassili ont ete decouvertes dans les annees 1950 dans les confins d'un plateau au relief tourmente et au paysage profondement disseque par des vallees encaissees. Quelques
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This paper examines the dynamics of the Neolithic occupation of the Dhar Tichitt region, southeastern Mauritania. On the basis of certain ecological constants, the growth cycle of plants, animal
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Peintures rupestres decouvertes a Tikadouine (Tassili, Algerie) executees selon le style du groupe Iheren-Tahilahi, principalement present dans le centre et le nord du Tassili. Datation probable
Deux importantes découvertes sur le site d'Akreijit (Dhar Tichitt, République islamique de Mauritanie)
Res. d'A. Interrompues depuis 1975, les fouilles du village neolithique et protohistorique d'Akreijit (Monodville), situe a 30 km a l'est de l'oasis de Tichitt, ont repris cette annee, avec une
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En associant les donnees de la paleontologie, de la prehistoire, de l'egyptologie et de l'art rupestre, il est possible de dresser des cartes de repartition des principaux representants de la grande