Tillage erosion: a review of controlling factors and implications for soil quality

  title={Tillage erosion: a review of controlling factors and implications for soil quality},
  author={Kristof Van Oost and Gerard Govers and S. de Alba and Timothy A. Quine},
  journal={Progress in Physical Geography},
  pages={443 - 466}
Tillage erosion has been identifed as an important global soil degradation process that has to be accounted for when assessing the erosional impacts on soil productivity, environmental quality or landscape evolution. In this paper, we present a summary of available data describing tillage erosion. This provides insights in the controlling factors determining soil redistribution rates and patterns by tillage for various implements used in both mechanized and non-mechanized agriculture… 

Uncertainties in assessing tillage erosion - How appropriate are our measuring techniques?

Non-inversion conservation tillage as an underestimated driver of tillage erosion

Tillage erosion is a widely underestimated process initiating soil degradation especially in case of large agricultural fields located in rolling topography. It is often assumed that, conservation,

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Tillage erosion causes substantial soil redistribution that can exceed water erosion especially in hummocky landscapes under highly mechanized large field agriculture. Consequently, truncated soil

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ABSTRACT Very few studies have investigated the factors affecting soil displacement and tillage erosion by hoeing tillage. This study adopted a magnetic tracer method to investigate the influences of

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Soil erosion poses a serious threat to agricultural sustainability worldwide, especially when management practices do not consider all forms of erosion and their interactions. In recent years, water



Tillage erosion and its effect on soil properties and crop yield in Denmark.

It is concluded that tillage erosion has important implications for SOC dynamics on hummocky land and increases the risk for nutrient losses by overland flow and leaching.

Soil carbonation processes as evidence of tillage-induced erosion

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Summary Soil tillage is usually considered as a process having only an indirect influence on soil erosion. This paper describes the results of field experiments carried out with a mouldboard and a

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Evaluating Soil Quality-Soil Redistribution Relationship on Terraces and Steep Hillslope

Soil redistribution from tillage and water erosion have the potential to modify the spatial patterns of soil quality on terraced and steep cultivated hillslopes. However, few studies have

The effect of tillage depth, tillage speed, and soil condition on chisel tillage erosivity

ABSTRACT: In this study, a series of tillage experiments were set up to investigate the effect of variations in tillage depth and tillage speed on net soil displacement and the associated tillage

An investigation of spatial variation in soil erosion, soil properties, and crop production within an agricultural field in Devon, United Kingdom

ABSTRACT: This paper explores the role of tillage erosion and water erosion in the development of within-field spatial variation in soil properties and their contribution to variation in crop

Soil degradation by erosion

  • R. Lal
  • Environmental Science
  • 2001
Soil degradation by accelerated erosion is a serious problem and will remain so during the 21st century, especially in developing countries of the tropics and subtropics. Yet, its extent, severity,