Till kinematics in the Stargard drumlin field, NW Poland constrained by microstructural proxies

  title={Till kinematics in the Stargard drumlin field, NW Poland constrained by microstructural proxies},
  author={Piotr Hermanowski and Jan A. Piotrowski and Piotr Duda},
  journal={Journal of Quaternary Science},
Deciphering the relationships between streamlined subglacial landforms and deposits therein helps to constrain the dynamics of past ice sheets. Here we present microstructural analyses of till from the largest drumlin field in the North European Lowland generated by a major palaeo‐ice stream of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet. Data derived from thin sections and X‐ray microtomography (μCT) reveal multiple microstructures including microshears, circular structures, grain stacks and crushed grains… 
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