Tilarin in combination with astemizole.


This multicentre double-blind, placebo controlled study had a practical objective, based on the expectation that many patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis will be prescribed oral antihistamine monotherapy by their primary care physician, whereas allergy specialists are more likely to prescribe combination therapy including antiinflammatories. The… (More)


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@article{Bukstein1996TilarinIC, title={Tilarin in combination with astemizole.}, author={Donald A Bukstein and Ricardo M Biondi and M M Blumenthal and Rainer Dockhorn and Warren Filley and J. Fink and Stuart F Goldstein and David Graft and Sibylle Hirsch and Tim Joos and Jonathan Melamed and Matthew Rowe and Robert G. Townley}, journal={Allergy}, year={1996}, volume={51 28 Suppl}, pages={20-7} }