Tighter entanglement monogamy relations of qubit systems

  title={Tighter entanglement monogamy relations of qubit systems},
  author={Zhi-Xiang Jin and Shao-Ming Fei},
  journal={Quantum Information Processing},
Monogamy relations characterize the distributions of entanglement in multipartite systems. We investigate monogamy relations related to the concurrence C and the entanglement of formation E. We present new entanglement monogamy relations satisfied by the $$\alpha $$α-th power of concurrence for all $$\alpha \ge 2$$α≥2, and the $$\alpha $$α-th power of the entanglement of formation for all $$\alpha \ge \sqrt{2}$$α≥2. These monogamy relations are shown to be tighter than the existing ones. 
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