Tightening the Net on Two Kinds of Dark Matter

  title={Tightening the Net on Two Kinds of Dark Matter},
  author={Marric Stephens},
I n the continuing game of dark matter hide-and-seek, new results from two experiments have helped the collaborations behind them rule out further hiding places for the elusive substance [1, 2]. The results come a year after the team behind another dark matter experiment reported tantalizing signals that could be interpreted as evidence for a hypothesized dark matter particle called an axion (see Viewpoint: Dark Matter Detector Delivers Enigmatic Signal). With neither of the new results… 



Search for Invisible Axion Dark Matter in the 3.3-4.2  μeV Mass Range.

A haloscope search for axiondark matter in the 3.3-4.2  μeV mass range excludes the axion-photon coupling predicted by one of the benchmark models of "invisible" axion dark matter, the Kim-Shifman-Vainshtein-Zakharov model.

Dark Matter Search Results from the PandaX-4T Commissioning Run

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