Tight junctions are membrane microdomains.

  title={Tight junctions are membrane microdomains.},
  author={Asma Nusrat and Charles A Parkos and Paul Verkade and Carl Foley and T. W. Liang and W Innis-Whitehouse and Karen Eastburn and James L. Madara},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={113 ( Pt 10)},
Tight junctions (TJ) of polarized epithelial cells regulate barrier function at mucosal surfaces. Structural proteins of TJs include hyperphosphorylated occludin (HO) and the peripheral membrane protein, ZO-1. Since TJs are dynamically regulated, and lipid-modified signal transduction proteins localize to TJs, we considered the possibility that the TJ itself is composed of microdomains with unique structure. Differential detergent extraction and isopycnic sucrose density gradients were utilized… CONTINUE READING
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