Tigers in trouble: Year of the tiger

  title={Tigers in trouble: Year of the tiger},
  author={Jerry M. Guo},
Dubious science and looming legalization of the tiger trade threaten to derail China's efforts to save the Siberian tiger. Jerry Guo goes to the world's largest tiger-breeding facility to investigate. 
Developing a National Tiger Action Plan for the Union of Myanmar
The development of a new National Tiger Action Plan for the Union of Myanmar is reviewed and a blueprint for conservation measures aimed at saving tigers from extinction is discussed.
Improving effectiveness of protection efforts in tiger source sites: Developing a framework for law enforcement monitoring using MIST.
  • E. Stokes
  • Environmental Science
    Integrative zoology
  • 2010
A framework for implementation of LEM in tiger source sites using MIST, a computerized management information system for ranger-based data collection is outlined, which addresses many of the technical, practical and institutional challenges involved in the design, implementation, sustainability and evaluation of the LEM.
Forests of the Night: Refugia of Genetic Diversity in Wild Tigers
  • O. Ryder
  • Environmental Science, Biology
    PLoS genetics
  • 2009
Additional data from the wild tiger populations in India demonstrate that the greatest extent of tiger genetic diversity resides in the Indian subcontinent.
Threats to China’s Biodiversity by Contradictions Policy
China’s complex challenge is described: how to manage interactions between humans and nature to find win–win solutions that can ensure long-term biodiversity conservation without sacrificing human concerns.
Capital and the Transfiguring Monumentality of Raffles Hotel
Abstract Celebrated as a leading luxury hotel in the world, the Raffles Hotel stands as a monument to Singapore’s status as a global city of commerce. The century‐old Hotel also represents successful
Geographical interdependence, international trade and economic dynamics: The Chinese and German solar energy industries
The trajectories of the German and Chinese photovoltaic industries differ significantly yet are strongly interdependent. Germany has seen a rapid growth in market demand and a strong increase in
Music and Sound in Post-1989 Taiwan Cinema
Although film music research has been on the rise over the last decade, most research has focused on the Hollywood tradition. An increasing number of projects focusing on film-scoring traditions
Achievements, Questions Arising and Future Outlook on the Path to Discover New Medicinal Compounds
In this chapter, a brief description of the previous accomplishments and current problems on drug screening from natural sources are given.
Global Cumulative Installed Photovoltaic Capacity and Respective International Trade Flows
Detailed PV installation dataset is available for public dissemination (pls. provide business card). GLOBAL CUMULATIVE INSTALLED PHOTOVOLATIC CAPACITY AND RESPECTIVE INTERNATIONAL TRADE FLOWS C.
Desenvolvimento e análise de células solares industriais em silício multicristalino com somente uma difusão de fósforo
The market growth and the need of low cost materials make multicrystalline silicon the main alternative for the solar cell industry. The goal of this article is to present the development of an


Individualization of tiger by using microsatellites.
Potential genetic consequences of a recent bottleneck in the Amur tiger of
Preliminary data on the patterns and levels of genetic variation in the mitochondrial DNA control region are presented using DNA extracted from non-invasively sampled faecal material, collected throughout the entire range of P. t.