Tidal Currents Detected in Kraken Mare Straits from Cassini VIMS Sun Glitter Observations

  title={Tidal Currents Detected in Kraken Mare Straits from Cassini VIMS Sun Glitter Observations},
  author={Michael Francis Heslar and Jason W. Barnes and Jason M. Soderblom and Ben{\^o}it Seignovert and Rajani D. Dhingra and Christophe Sotin},
  journal={The Planetary Science Journal},
We present Cassini Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) observations of sun glitter—wave-induced reflections from a liquid surface offset from a specular point—on Kraken Mare. Sun glitter reveals rough sea surfaces around Kraken Mare, namely the coasts and narrow straits. The sun glitter observations indicate wave activity driven by the winds and tidal currents in Kraken Mare during northern summer. T104 Cassini VIMS observations show three sun glitter features in Bayta Fretum… 



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