Ticks and spotted fever group rickettsiae of southeastern Virginia.

  title={Ticks and spotted fever group rickettsiae of southeastern Virginia.},
  author={Robyn M. Nadolny and Chelsea L. Wright and Daniel E. Sonenshine and Wayne L. Hynes and Holly D. Gaff},
  journal={Ticks and tick-borne diseases},
  volume={5 1},
The incidence of tick-borne rickettsial disease in the southeastern United States has been rising steadily through the past decade, and the range expansions of tick species and tick-borne infectious agents, new and old, has resulted in an unprecedented mix of vectors and pathogens. The results of an ongoing 4-year surveillance project describe the relative abundance of questing tick populations in southeastern Virginia. Since 2009, more than 66,000 questing ticks of 7 species have been… CONTINUE READING