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Tiahuanaco monuments ( Tiwanaku / Pumapunku ) in Bolivia are made of geopolymer artificial stones created 1400 years ago

  title={Tiahuanaco monuments ( Tiwanaku / Pumapunku ) in Bolivia are made of geopolymer artificial stones created 1400 years ago},
  author={Joseph Davidovitsa and Luis Huamanb and Ralph Davidovitsa},
Tiahuanaco, on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, is a village known throughout the world for its mysterious Gate of the Sun, ruins of temples and its pyramid. Archaeologists consider that this site was built well before the Incas, around 600 to AD 700. The site of Pumapunku is right next door with the ruins of an enigmatic pyramidal temple built at the same time. Because it is not restored and developed for touristic activity, it is less known to the general public. However, there are two architectural… 
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