TiO(2)/LiCl-based nanostructured thin film for humidity sensor applications.

  title={TiO(2)/LiCl-based nanostructured thin film for humidity sensor applications.},
  author={Andrii I Buvailo and Yangjun Xing and Jacqueline Hines and Norman R. Dollahon and E. U. Borguet},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={3 2},
A simple and straightforward method of depositing nanostructured thin films, based on LiCl-doped TiO(2), on glass and LiNbO(3) sensor substrates is demonstrated. A spin-coating technique is employed to transfer a polymer-assisted precursor solution onto substrate surfaces, followed by annealing at 520°C to remove organic components and drive nanostructure formation. The sensor material obtained consists of coin-shaped nanoparticles several hundred nanometers in diameter and less than 50 nm… CONTINUE READING