[Thyrotoxic hypokalemic periodic paralysis. Report of three cases].


AIM OF THIS STUDY Hypokaliemic thyrotoxic periodic paralysis (HTPP) is an uncommon complication of hypothyroidism. Mostly described among Asian patients, it is rare in the other ethnic groups, in particular in caucasians people. Among the possible mechanisms, modification of potassic flows in relation to anomalies of the sodium-potassium pump were evoked. PATIENTS AND METHOD We present the cases of three caucasians patients operated on for HTPP. These patients had all previous history of several paretic episodes. The flask paralytic attacks occurred in a brutal way or were preceded by diffuse myalgias. They reached the proximal muscles, especially in inferior limbs. No patient had any respiratory complications. These three patients underwent total thyroidectomy to treat the symptoms of HTPP. RESULTS In the three cases, a total thyroidectomy allowed the recovery of the symptoms. After a four years average period of post-operative follow-up, no patient presented any repetition of HTPP. The hyperthyroidism is the cause of decompensation of the molecular anomaly. CONCLUSION In our opinion, surgical treatment (total thyroidectomy) is needed in order to reduce the potential gravity of this pathology.

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