Thyroid-stimulating antibody activity between different immunoglobulin G subclasses.

  title={Thyroid-stimulating antibody activity between different immunoglobulin G subclasses.},
  author={Anthony P. Weetman and M E Yateman and Patricia A. Ealey and C. Black and Cecile Reimer and Ralph Williams and Brian S.F. Shine and N. Justin Marshall},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={86 3},
To investigate the distribution of thyroid-stimulating antibody (TSAb) activity between IgG subclasses, sera from 11 patients with Graves disease (including the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) Research Standard, long acting thyroid stimulator-B) were fractionated by chromatography on affinity columns of monoclonal IgG subclass antibodies or protein A to deplete all but a single subclass. The resulting fractions were 98% or more pure for a single subclass. In all… CONTINUE READING
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