Thyroid hormone regulation of flavocoenzyme biosynthesis.

  title={Thyroid hormone regulation of flavocoenzyme biosynthesis.},
  author={Sam S-K Lee and D B Mccormick},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={237 1},
The means by which thyroid hormone regulates flavocoenzyme biosynthesis was studied in hyper-, eu-, and hypothyroid rats by determining the activities of flavocoenzyme-forming enzymes, viz., flavokinase and FAD synthetase, as well as those of flavocoenzyme-degrading enzymes, viz., FMN phosphatase and FAD pyrophosphatase. Flavokinase activity was increased in hyperthyroid animal and decreased in hypothyroid animals. Correspondence of flavokinase activity with the amount of a high-affinity flavin… CONTINUE READING