Thyroid hormone and growth: relationships with growth hormone effects and regulation.


For some years, research in the field of growth endocrinology has been mainly focused on growth hormone (GH). However, it appears that GH does not always control growth rate. For instance, it does not clearly influence intra-uterine growth: moreover, although the results of GRF or GH administration appear convincing in rats, pigs or heifers, this is not the case in chickens and lambs. In addition, GH does not always clearly stimulate somatomedin production, particularly diring food restriction and fetal life, and in hypothyroid animals or sex-linked dwarf chickens. In such situations, this phenomenon is associated with a reduced T3 production, suggesting a significant influence of thyroid function on GH action, and more generally, on body growth. In fact, numerous data demonstrate that thyroid hormone is strongly involved in the regulation of body growth. In species with low maturity at birth, such as the rat. T4 and T3 affect postnatal growth eleven days earlier than the appearance of GH influence. In contrast to GH, thyroid hormone significantly influences fetal growth in sheep. Moreover, the body growth rate is clearly stimulated by T3 in dwarf animals. In addition to its complex metabolic effects involved in the general mechanisms of body growth, thyroid hormone stimulates the production of growth factors, particularly EGF and NGF. Moreover, it affects GH and somatomedin production and also their tissue activity. All these results strongly suggest that it would be difficult to study GH regulation and physiological effects without taking thyroid function into account.


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