Thyroid function in young children with Down syndrome.

  title={Thyroid function in young children with Down syndrome.},
  author={Ann Cutler and R Benezra-Obeiter and Stuart J. Brink},
  journal={American journal of diseases of children},
  volume={140 5},
A retrospective review of thyroid function tests (TFTs) was performed on 49 young children (aged 4 months to 3 years) with Down syndrome compared with age-matched controls screened for hypothyroidism because of developmental delay or failure to thrive. Three of the 49 children with Down syndrome had congenital hypothyroidism; of the three, one had Hirschsprung's disease and two had duodenal atresia. Thyroiditis was uncommon, with only two children having thyroid antibodies present: one had… CONTINUE READING