Thyroid carcinoma mimicking a toxic adenoma

  title={Thyroid carcinoma mimicking a toxic adenoma},
  author={Giovina De Rosa and Arnerico Testa and Maurizio Maurizi and Maria Antonietta Satta and Claudia Aimoni and Alberto Artuso and Evelina Silvestri and Vittoria Rufini and Luigi Troncone},
  journal={European Journal of Nuclear Medicine},
A young woman with a thyroid papillary carcinoma behaving as an autonomously hyperfunctioning nodule is described. Only 17 similar patients have been seen in the past 25 years. It is emphasized that hyperthyroidism does not exclude malignant disease in hot nodules. This possibility suggests that all thyroid nodules, either cold or hot, require careful management. Therefore, in “at risk” cases, surgery could be the most useful treatment.