Thymoma metastasizing to extrathoracic sites. A case report.


In the case presented, metastases to extrathoracic sites developed in a 53-year-old man four years after the diagnosis of inoperable thymoma had been established. The appearance of metastases was preced by an extensive intrathoracic invasion of the tumour. The thymoma was of epithelial subtype which was the most common (67 percent) type also in the previously published 29 cases of thymomas metastasizing to extrathoracic sites.


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@article{Nickels1976ThymomaMT, title={Thymoma metastasizing to extrathoracic sites. A case report.}, author={Juha I. Nickels and K. Franssila}, journal={Acta pathologica et microbiologica Scandinavica. Section A, Pathology}, year={1976}, volume={84 4}, pages={331-4} }