Thymidine kinase in malignant melanoma

  title={Thymidine kinase in malignant melanoma},
  author={Jan Borovansk{\'y} and Jana Stribrna and Milan Elleder and I Neti´kov{\'a}},
  journal={Melanoma Research},
Thymidine kinase (EC Is an enzyme supporting DNA synthesis under conditions of increased cell proliferation. Although it has proved to be a useful marker for various malignant diseases, it has not been tested in malignant melanoma. Thymidine kinase activity was measured by means of a radioenzymic assay in two classical animal models of melanoma disease — B16 and Cloudman S91 melanoma-bearing mice. Tumour cell proliferation was assessed histochemically by measuring the expression of… 

The role of thymidine kinase in cancer diseases.

Determination of thymidine kinase helps to monitor the follow-up of solid tumours and haematological malignancies as well as indicating the efficacy of adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy.

Carboranyl thymidine analogues for neutron capture therapy.

Thymidine analogues substituted with a boron-containing carborane cluster at the N3 position, designated 3CTAs (3-carboranyl thymidine Analogues), constitute one class of these new improved NCT agents.