Thymic lymphomas in interleukin 9 transgenic mice.

  title={Thymic lymphomas in interleukin 9 transgenic mice.},
  author={Jean-Christophe Renauld and N Margreth van der Lugt and Anne Vink and Maria A Van Roon and Catherine Godfraind and Guy Warnier and Hartmut Merz and A. Feller and Anton Berns and Jacques L. van Snick},
  volume={9 5},
Transgenic mice overexpressing the interleukin 9 gene were generated to study the biological activity of this cytokine in vivo. Although no major histological or morphological modifications of the lymphoid system were observed in most animals, approximately 7% of transgenic mice developed thymic lymphomas at the age of 3-9 months. The tumor cells, which were clonal, with unique T cell rearrangements, were double positive for the expression of CD4 and CD8. The need for additional transforming… CONTINUE READING
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