Thymic carcinoma: 30 cases at a single institution.

  title={Thymic carcinoma: 30 cases at a single institution.},
  author={Motoki Yano and Hidefumi Sasaki and Tomoki Yokoyama and Haruhiro Yukiue and Osamu Kawano and Sadao Suzuki and Yoshitaka Fujii},
  journal={Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer},
  volume={3 3},
INTRODUCTION Thymic carcinoma is a rare and invasive mediastinal neoplasm that often metastasizes. It constitutes a heterogeneous group of tumors that displays different biologic behavior and prognosis. The clinical prognostic factors and treatment of thymic carcinoma are not yet standardized. METHODS Thirty patients with thymic carcinoma have been treated at Nagoya City University Hospital since 1983. The clinical and pathologic data of these patients were retrospectively reviewed. Thirteen… CONTINUE READING
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