Thymic CCL2 influences induction of T-cell tolerance.

  title={Thymic CCL2 influences induction of T-cell tolerance.},
  author={Oriane C{\'e}dile and Morten L\obner and Henrik Toft-Hansen and Ida Frank and Agnieszka Wlodarczyk and Magali Irla and Trevor Owens},
  journal={Journal of autoimmunity},
Thymic epithelial cells (TEC) and dendritic cells (DC) play a role in T cell development by controlling the selection of the T cell receptor repertoire. DC have been described to take up antigens in the periphery and migrate into the thymus where they mediate tolerance via deletion of autoreactive T cells, or by induction of natural regulatory T cells. Migration of DC to thymus is driven by chemokine receptors. CCL2, a major ligand for the chemokine receptor CCR2, is an inflammation-associated… CONTINUE READING
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