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Thurispina nov. gen. (Anthozoa, Rugosa) from the Upper Famennian of Thuringia (Germany)

  title={Thurispina nov. gen. (Anthozoa, Rugosa) from the Upper Famennian of Thuringia (Germany)},
  author={Dieter Weyer},
Thurispina gen. nov. and its monotypic type species Thurispina jogi sp. nov. are described from the Upper Famennian (Wocklumeria Genozone). The coral occurs in the Bohlen section near Saalfeld (southeastern flank of the Schwarzburg Anticline) as a rare taxon of the ammonoid facies [with Wocklumeria sphaeroides (RICHTER, 1848)] or basinal entomozoid ostracod shale facies [with Richterina striatula (RICHTER, 1848), Richterina costata (RICHTER, 1869), and Maternella hemisphaerica (RICHTER, 1848… 
Unusual Upper Emsian Tabulata and Rugosa from the Floresta Formation of Columbia
trilobites and inarticulate brachiopods from the Devonian Floresta Formation, eastern Cordillera of Columbia. The aim of the present work is to give some new data about the corals and to draw


Plerophyllina SOKOLOV, 1960 wird zusammen mit Anisophyllum MILNE-EDWARDS & HAIME, 1850 (Ludlow)
  • Oligophyllum POČTA, 1902 (Ludlow–Oberems) und Pentaxon GLINSKI,
  • 1999
The new genus of the suborder Plerophyllina SOKOLOV, 1960 is classified with a diagnosis “Pentaphyllidae with trabicular septal microstructure” in a not yet phylogenetically redefined subfamily
  • Anisophyllinae IVANOVSKIY,
  • 1965