Thrusting of a volcanic arc: a new structural model for Java

  title={Thrusting of a volcanic arc: a new structural model for Java},
  author={Benjamin Clements and Robert Hall and Helen R. Smyth and Michael A. Cottam},
ABSTRACT Java is part of a volcanic island arc situated in the Indonesian archipelago at the southern margin of the Eurasian Plate. Sundaland continental crust, accreted to Eurasia by the Early Mesozoic, now underlies the shallow seas to the north of Java where there has been considerable petroleum exploration. Java has an apparently simple structure in which the east–west physiographic zones identified by van Bemmelen broadly correspond to structural zones. In the north there is the margin of… Expand
Accretionary nature of the crust of Central and East Java (Indonesia) revealed by local earthquake travel-time tomography
Abstract Reassessment of travel time data from an exceptionally dense, amphibious, temporary seismic network on- and offshore Central and Eastern Java (MERAMEX) confirms the accretionary nature ofExpand
Seismic characteristics and strontium isotope ages of the Middle Miocene Ngrayong Formation in the Madura Strait Basin: Implications for the paleogeographic reconstruction of East Java
Abstract East Java, on the southeastern margin of the Sundaland Shelf, is an ideal and pilot location to study paleogeographic changes due to the interactions of the Eurasian and the Indian-AustraliaExpand
Late Jurassic–Cenozoic reconstructions of the Indonesian region and the Indian Ocean
Abstract The heterogeneous Sundaland region was assembled by closure of Tethyan oceans and addition of continental fragments. Its Mesozoic and Cenozoic history is illustrated by a new plate tectonicExpand
Hydrocarbon basins in SE Asia: understanding why they are there
ABSTRACT There are numerous hydrocarbon-rich sedimentary basins in Indonesia, Malaysia and southern Thailand. Almost all these basins began to form in the Early Cenozoic, they are filled withExpand
Geochemistry of volcanic rocks from the Sunda Arc
Geochemical analyses of igneous rocks can provide valuable information about processes, element fluxes, and rock lithologies not evident at the surface. This is particularly important in subductionExpand
Linear volcanic segments in the central Sunda Arc, Indonesia, identified using Hough Transform analysis Implications for arc lithosphere control upon volcano distribution
Abstract Hough Transform analysis is used as an objective means to constrain volcano distribution in the central Sunda Arc, Indonesia. Most volcanoes in the arc define four en echelon, linearExpand
Modal and Sandstone Composition of the Representative Turbidite from the Majalengka Sub-Basin, West Java Indonesia
The Majalengka sub-basin is composed of an approximately 4 km thick turbidite-sequence subdivided into three formations as follows Cisaar, Cinambo and Cantayan Formations. The last formation isExpand
Formation and evolution of the tertiary carbonate reefs in the Madura Strait Basin of Indonesia
Analysis of 2D seismic data over 4 500 km in length from the Madura Strait Basin in the East Java Sea reveals seismic reflection characteristics of reefs and associated sedimentary bodies, includingExpand
Subsidence and uplift by slab-related mantle dynamics: a driving mechanism for the Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic evolution of continental SE Asia?
Abstract Continental SE Asia is the site of an extensive Cretaceous–Paleocene regional unconformity that extends from Indochina to Java, covering an area of c. 5 600 000 km2. The unconformity hasExpand
Crustal thickness beneath Central and East Java (Indonesia) inferred from P receiver functions
Abstract We compute receiver functions from teleseismic earthquake data recorded at the dense MERAMEX network in Central and East Java, Indonesia. In order to map the Moho depths H and the bulkExpand


East Java: Cenozoic Basins, Volcanoes and Ancient Basement
East Java on land is divided here into four broadly EW zones: (1) the Southern Mountains Zone, an Eocene to Miocene volcanic arc, separated by (2) the present-day volcanic arc from (3) the KendengExpand
Cenozoic volcanic arc history of East Java, Indonesia: The stratigraphic record of eruptions on an active continental margin
The stratigraphic record of volcanic arcs provides insights into their eruptive history, the formation of associated basins, and the character of the deep crust beneath them. Indian Ocean lithosphereExpand
The Java margin revisited: Evidence for subduction erosion off Java
The eastern Sunda margin off Indonesia (from central Java to Sumba Island) remains a little investigated subduction zone, contrary to its well-studied northwestern segment. Whereas large portions ofExpand
Tectonic features of the southern Sumatra‐western Java forearc of Indonesia
[1] Multichannel reflection seismic profiles along the active Sunda Arc, where the Indo-Australian plate subducts under the overriding Eurasian margin revealed two accretionary wedges: The innerExpand
Cenozoic arc processes in Indonesia: Identification of the key influences on the stratigraphic record in active volcanic arcs
The Indonesian region includes several volcanic island arcs that are highly active at the present day, and also contains a record of Cenozoic volcanic activity owing to subduction of oceanicExpand
Contrasting tectonic styles in the Neogene orogenic belts of Indonesia
Abstract The recent compilation of a new tectonic map of Indonesia as part of the Geotectonic Map Project of East Asia has prompted a reassessment of the contrasted tectonic styles represented byExpand
Geology of the Bayah area: implications for the Cenozoic evolution of the West Java, Indonesia
The geological setting of the Bayah area in the Paleogene is indicated by the presence of alternating sedimentary and volcanic rocks. The sedimentary rocks consist of fine to coarse clasticExpand
Cretaceous to Late Miocene Stratigraphic and Tectonic Evolution of West Java
Palaeogeographic maps for intervals between the Cretaceous and Late Miocene illustrate the complex evolution of West Java. Basement is of Mesozoic age and in West and Central Java there areExpand
Neogene structures and sedimentation history along the Sunda forearc basins off southwest Sumatra and southwest Java
Abstract Twenty multi-channel seismic lines in the southwest Sunda arc margin between Manna and west Java have been studied. This study depicts the structures and stratigraphy of the fore-arc basinExpand
Tectonics of the Indonesian Region
The plate-tectonic evolution of a region can be deduced by following the assumptions that subduction zones are characterized by ophiolite, melange, wildflysch, and blueschist, that intermediate andExpand