Through the Internet of Things -- A Management by Delegation Smart Object Aware System (MbDSAS)


The management of smart objects (SObjs) is an important task because they are huge in number and applications. Such huge number of SObjs may lead the Internet of Things (IoT) to face severe network conditions, in terms of network congestion and large delays. Thus, the management of SObjs is fundamental to avoid future IoT network problems. In such a management, network boxes, also called gateways, have been configured to manage SObjs with software updates or reconfiguration followed by a warm start. However, gateways configuration become soon outdated because SObjs join and leave the network quite frequently. Therefore, we propose an approach called MbDSAS to reconfigure gateways without the need of a software updating or patching to manage and detect SObjs and deal with the dynamicity of the IoT network. An evaluation of MbDSAS was performed through an airport modeled scenario. In addition, MbDSAS was experimentally tested to be qualified as a management solution to IoT scenarios and to determine the best performance combination of technologies to implement MbDSAS.

DOI: 10.1109/COMPSAC.2013.122

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