Thrombus formation with rehydrated, lyophilized platelets.

  title={Thrombus formation with rehydrated, lyophilized platelets.},
  author={Thomas H. Fischer and Elizabeth P. Merricks and Author P Bode and Dwight A. Bellinger and Karen Russell and Robert Lee Reddick and William E. Sanders and Timothy C Nichols and Marjorie S. Read},
  volume={7 6},
Stored human platelets are frequently used in hemorrhagic emergencies, but have limited immediate utility for controlling bleeding due to storage lesion and are frequently contaminated with microorganisms. The development of paraformaldehyde-treated, lyophilized and rehydrated (RL) platelets, which are sterile and have a prolonged shelf life (years), ameliorate the efficacy and sterility problems with stored platelets. RL platelets have been shown to have many native functions of fresh… CONTINUE READING
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