Thromboxane A2 and vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.

  title={Thromboxane A2 and vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.},
  author={Agapios Sachinidis and Markus Flesch and Yu-shien Ko and Karsten Schroer and Michael B{\"o}hm and Rainer D{\"u}sing and Hans Vetter},
  volume={26 5},
In the present study we describe the intracellular pathways for the transmission of growth signals by the potent vasoconstricting eicosanoids prostaglandin H2 and thromboxane A2 in smooth muscle cells from rat aorta. Carbocyclic thromboxane A2 and U46619 are stable thromboxane A2 mimetics acting at the common thromboxane A2/prostaglandin H2 receptor. Carbocyclic thromboxane A2 (10(-6) mol/L) induced an approximately 2.5-fold increase in [Ca2+]i above the basal value at 25 seconds. Maximal… CONTINUE READING


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