Thrombosis of portal vein in absence of hepatic disease.

  title={Thrombosis of portal vein in absence of hepatic disease.},
  author={Luca S Belli and Federico Romani and Franco Riolo and Gianfranco Rondinara and Paolo Aseni and Michele Di Stefano and L Contorni and Mauro Bini},
  journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics},
  volume={169 1},
Of 602 patients referred for portal hypertension during a 20 year period, 18 children (mean age of 5.0 years) and 29 adults (mean age of 26.5 years) had thrombosis in the portal bed with a healthy liver (7.8 per cent incidence). In 29 of the 47 patients we studied, the causative factor remained obscure. Variceal hemorrhage occurred in all and was the indication for our observation and treatment. In 11 adult patients (mean age of 22.1 years), surgical treatment was not performed because of… CONTINUE READING


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