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Thrombolytic agents of the preparation from the medicinal leeches.

  title={Thrombolytic agents of the preparation from the medicinal leeches.},
  author={I. Baskova and G. Nikonov and S. Khalil},
  journal={Folia haematologica},
  volume={115 1-2},
The thrombolytic effect of an extract from medicinal leeches orally administered to rats was shown. This effect depends on the number of administrations and on the concentration of extract. It is due to the leech prostaglandins and enzyme destabilase. After the extraction of prostaglandins by ethylacetate the thrombolytic effect diminished by 45%. It is supposed that the leech-prostaglandins, like prostacyclin and its stable analogous, induce the release of tissue plasminogen activator from… Expand
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