Thrombolysis in left-sided prosthetic valve occlusion: immediate and follow-up results.

  title={Thrombolysis in left-sided prosthetic valve occlusion: immediate and follow-up results.},
  author={N. Rama Krishna Reddy and T N Padmanabhan and Sandeep B. Singh and Dr Nishant Kumar and P Raghava Raju and Padi S.V. Satyanarayana and D. R. V. Prasada Rao and Prabhala Rajagopal and Bhupathiraju Soma Raju},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={58 2},
  pages={462-70; discussion 470-1}
Thrombolytic therapy is used increasingly for prosthetic valve thrombosis. Fear of peripheral embolism has limited its use in left-sided valve occlusions. Thirty-eight patients with prosthetic valve occlusion were treated with thrombolytic agents on 44 occasions. Duration of thrombolytic therapy was individualized. Patients were followed up with clinical, echocardiographic, and cine-fluoroscopic evaluation. Average time from onset of symptoms to presentation was 9.7 days. The anticoagulation… CONTINUE READING
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