Thrombin mediated migration of osteogenic cells.

  title={Thrombin mediated migration of osteogenic cells.},
  author={Jeffrey M. Karp and Tetsuya S. Tanaka and Ron Zohar and Jaro Sodek and Molly S Shoichet and John E. Davies and William L. Stanford},
  volume={37 3},
Given that thrombin is ubiquitously expressed at sites of vascular injury, and that osteogenic cells express receptors for thrombin, we questioned whether thrombin could attract osteogenic cells to a bony wound. Using a scratch wound assay, thrombin stimulated a significant increase in migration of osteogenic cultures of primary marrow cells. This effect was dependent on thrombin proteolytic activity; however, thrombin was unable to stimulate the migration of a more differentiated marrow… CONTINUE READING