Threshold-based multi-thread EM algorithm

  title={Threshold-based multi-thread EM algorithm},
  author={Tomoji Kawai and Ryohei Nakano},
  journal={2004 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37541)},
  pages={1051-1056 vol.2}
The EM algorithm is an efficient algorithm to obtain the ML estimate for incomplete data, but has the local optimality problem. The deterministic annealing EM (DAEM) algorithm was once proposed to solve the problem, but the global optimality is not guaranteed because of a single-token search. Then, the multi-thread DAEM (m-DAEM) algorithm was proposed by incorporating a multiple-token search with solution quality improvement with a heavy computing cost. Later, another variant of m-DAEM (/spl… CONTINUE READING