Threshold-based hybrid selection/maximal-ratio combining over generalized fading channels

  title={Threshold-based hybrid selection/maximal-ratio combining over generalized fading channels},
  author={Xiaodi Zhang and Norman C. Beaulieu},
  journal={IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2004. GLOBECOM '04.},
  pages={462-468 Vol.1}
The paper analyzes the average symbol error rate and outage probability of threshold-based hybrid selection/maximal-ratio combining (T-HS/MRC) in generalized fading environments. Using the moment generating function (MGF) method, a unified analysis of T-HS/MRC over various slow and frequency-nonselective fading channels is presented. Both independent, identically distributed and independent, nonidentically distributed diversity branches are considered. The derivation allows different M-ary… CONTINUE READING


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