Three-way interactions among mutualistic mycorrhizal fungi, plants, and plant enemies: hypotheses and synthesis.

  title={Three-way interactions among mutualistic mycorrhizal fungi, plants, and plant enemies: hypotheses and synthesis.},
  author={Alison Elizabeth Bennett and Janice Alers-Garcia and James D. Bever},
  journal={The American naturalist},
  volume={167 2},
A number of studies have shown that an association with mycorrhizal fungi can alter the outcome of interactions between plants and their enemies. While the directions of these effects vary, their strength suggests the need for greater attention to multispecies interactions among plant enemies, plants, and mycorrhizal fungi. We recognize that mycorrhizal fungi could effect plant enemies by improving plant nutrition, modifying plant tolerance, or modifying plant defenses. In addition, mycorrhizal… CONTINUE READING

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