Three summertime outbreaks of influenza type A.

  title={Three summertime outbreaks of influenza type A.},
  author={Michael A. Kohn and Thomas A. Farley and David P Sundin and Roberto Tapia and Leanne M. McFarland and Nancy H Arden},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={172 1},
In the Northern Hemisphere, sporadic cases of influenza occur during the summer, yet summertime outbreaks are rare. From 12 August through 2 September 1993, three influenza outbreaks in Louisiana were investigated using medical-record review, interviews, viral cultures, serology, and active surveillance for influenza-like illness in Louisiana. Attack rates in the outbreaks were 61% (69/114), 42% (24/57), and 45% (23/51). Viruses isolated were most closely related to influenza A/Beijing/32/92… CONTINUE READING

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