Three sisters with very-late-onset major depression and parkinsonism.

  title={Three sisters with very-late-onset major depression and parkinsonism.},
  author={Gianpietro Sechi and Giovanni Antonio Cocco and Alessandra Errigo and Luca Deiana and G. Rosati and Virgilio Agnetti and Kay Stephen Paulus and Giovanni Mario Pes},
  journal={Parkinsonism & related disorders},
  volume={13 2},
Familiar Parkinson's disease has an age of onset from the second to the sixth decade, whereas Wilson's disease (WD) usually presents in the first decade of life. We studied three sisters with a form of very-late-onset major depression and parkinsonism with probable linkage to ATP7B gene. Molecular studies demonstrated a nucleotide deletion at the 5'UTR… CONTINUE READING