Three routes to modulate the pore size of the MscL channel/nanovalve.

  title={Three routes to modulate the pore size of the MscL channel/nanovalve.},
  author={Li-Min Yang and Robin Wray and Juandell Parker and Danyell Wilson and Randolph S Duran and Paul Blount},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={6 2},
MscL is a bacterial mechanosensitive channel that protects cells from lysis upon acute decrease in external osmotic environment. It is one of the best characterized mechanosensors known, thus serving as a paradigm of how such molecules sense and respond to stimuli. In addition, the fact that it can be genetically modified, expressed, isolated, and manipulated has led to its proposed use as a triggered nanovalve for various functions including sensors within microelectronic array chips, as well… CONTINUE READING
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