Three rat monoclonal antibodies to human C3.

  title={Three rat monoclonal antibodies to human C3.},
  author={Peter J. Lachmann and Rodney G Oldroyd and C{\'e}sar Milstein and Brooke S Wright},
  volume={41 3},
Three monoclonal antibodies to human C3 have been obtained from a fusion of the rat myeloma line Y3 Ag 1.2.3. with spleen cells from rats immunized against C3. One, from clone 4, reacts with an antigenic determinant in C3c showing the expected reactivity of the 'C' antigen of C3. The specificity of the other two monoclonal antibodies correspond less clearly with known C3 antigens. By agglutination analysis of complement coated cells the determinant reacting with clone 3 is present in C3d while… CONTINUE READING