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Three new species of the genus Coleophora Hübnerfrom Bulgaria and adjacent countries(Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)

  title={Three new species of the genus Coleophora H{\"u}bnerfrom Bulgaria and adjacent countries(Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)},
  author={Giorgio Baldizzone and Jukka Tabell},
  journal={Shilap-revista De Lepidopterologia},
Resumen en: Three new species of Coleophoridae are described: C. parvicuprella Baldizzone & Tabell, sp. n., C. varnella Baldizzone & Tabell, sp. n. and C. pseudodia... 
New findings of case-bearing moth species of Goniodoma and Coleophora genera from the Balkans
A female of Coleophora parvicuprella BALDIZZONE & TABELL 2006, that has not been known to the science, yet is recorded and described and is considered a new member of the lepidopteran fauna of Europe.