Three new species of Sphaerodoridium (Polychaeta: Sphaerodoridae) from the Arctic Ocean

  title={Three new species of Sphaerodoridium (Polychaeta: Sphaerodoridae) from the Arctic Ocean},
  author={S. Yu. Gagaev},
  journal={Russian Journal of Marine Biology},
Three new species of the genus Sphaerodoridium (Polychaeta) from the Arctic Ocean are described and illustrated. They differ from other closely related species by having more than 10 longitudinal rows of stalked macrotubercles on the dorsum. S. evgenovi sp. n. is characterized by twelve rows of macrotubercles with stout, short columns which are always at the right angle to the dorsal surface and never overlap. The body is acorn-like with length up to 3.2 mm, the color in ethanol is from yellow… CONTINUE READING

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