Three new species of Solicorynespora from Hainan, China

  title={Three new species of Solicorynespora from Hainan, China},
  author={Jian Ma and Yi-Dong Zhang and Li-Guo Ma and Shou-Cai Ren and Rafael F. Casta{\~n}eda-Ru{\'i}z and Xiu-guo Zhang},
  journal={Mycological Progress},
Three previously undescribed Solicorynespora species were collected from tropical forests in Hainan Province, China. S. melicopes sp. nov., S. linderae sp. nov. and S. fici sp. nov. are described and illustrated from specimens collected on dead branches of Melicope triphylla, Lindera communis and Ficus auriculata, respectively. They are compared with closely related taxa. A dichotomous key and a synoptic table to Solicorynespora species are provided.