Three new applicators for hyperthermia.


A computerized system with automatic treatment parameters control for radiological hyperthermia, called Sapic SV03, is presented. The system has been planned and built by the "Sezione Avionica ed Equipaggiamenti" of the Aeritalia in cooperation with the Radiotherapy Department of the University of Turin. The device is supplied with a multifrequency generator system (915, 433, 2-30 MHz) connected with many kinds of applicators, with a fiber optic system for temperature control and a previsional thermometry system. In this paper the authors presented three new applicators. The first one is a concave parallel microstrip applicator at 433 MHz, with a size 16 x 9 cm; the heating pattern is homogenous until 4 cm of depth. This antenna can be used for the treatment of chest wall recurrences of breast cancer. The second is a 27 MHz inductive ring and the third applicator is a pyramidal antenna ("TEM line") that operates at a frequency around 27 MHz.

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