Three new Laccaria species from Southwest China (Yunnan)

  title={Three new Laccaria species from Southwest China (Yunnan)},
  author={Flavius Popa and Karl-Heinz Rexer and Kathrin Donges and ZHU-LIANG Yang and Gerhard W. Kost},
  journal={Mycological Progress},
In this paper descriptions of three new Laccaria species from Southwest China (Yunnan) are reported. Macromorphological, micromorphological, and molecular data have been studied to describe the new species and delineate them within the genus Laccaria. The first species Laccaria fulvogrisea is characterized by a grey to brownish coloured fruiting body and large echinulate spores. Laccaria aurantia is characterized by the deeply orange colour and globose balloon-like spores with a fine echinulate… 
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