Three-level space vector PWM in low index modulation region avoiding narrow pulse problem

  title={Three-level space vector PWM in low index modulation region avoiding narrow pulse problem},
  author={H. L. Liu and G. Cho},
  journal={Proceedings of IEEE Power Electronics Specialist Conference - PESC '93},
  • H. L. Liu, G. Cho
  • Published 1993
  • Proceedings of IEEE Power Electronics Specialist Conference - PESC '93
  • A detailed mechanism of generation of narrow gating pulses in conventional nearest three-level vector (NTV) space vector PWM invertors is described and new nonnearest three and four vector (N/sup 2/TV and N/sup 2/FV) selection laws are suggested to avoid such narrow pulse problems. The experimental verifications for the suggested algorithms are also presented.<<ETX>> 
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