Three generations in minimally extended standard models

  title={Three generations in minimally extended standard models},
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Chiral dilepton model and the flavor question.
  • Frampton
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1992
A chiral model based on a gauge group SU(3), which contains dilepton gauge bosons and new quarks with exotic charges-4/3 and +5/3, although coincident at low energy with the standard model, in the extended theory the third quark family is treated differently from the first two.
Conformal completion of the standard model with a fourth generation
A bstractWe study dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking with a fourth generation within the Zn orbifolded AdS5 ⊗ S5 framework. A realistic Z7 example is discussed. The initial theory reduces
On Extended Electroweak Symmetries
We discuss extensions of the Standard Model through extending the electroweak gauge symmetry. An extended electroweak symmetry requires a list of extra fermionic and scalar states. The former is
SU(3) direct product U(1) model for electroweak interactions
We consider a gauge model based on a SU(3){direct product}U(1) symmetry in which the lepton number is violated explicitly by charged scalar and gauge bosons, including a vector field with double
Electroweak theory of SU(3) x U(1).
  • Ng
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
An electroweak model of the SU(3)[times]U(1) gauge group is studied. By matching the gauge coupling constant we obtain the mass of the new neutral gauge boson to be less than 3.1 TeV. Including the