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Three genera removed from the synonymy of Pinnotheres Bosc, 1802 (Brachyura: Pinnotheridae)

  title={Three genera removed from the synonymy of Pinnotheres Bosc, 1802 (Brachyura: Pinnotheridae)},
  author={Raymond B. Manning},
— Three genera, Arcotheres Burger, 1895, Holothuriophilus Nauck, 1880, and Zaops Rathbun, 1900, are removed from the synonymy of Pinnotheres Bosc, 1802. Arcotheres contains only its type species from the IndoWest Pacific, A. palaensis (Burger, 1895). Holothuriophilus is represented by two species from the eastern Pacific, its type species H. trapeziformis Nauck, 1880 and H. pacificus (Poeppig, 1836), a senior synonym of if. silvestrii (Nobili, 1901), a species previously assigned to Pinnaxodes… 

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Although males of these species can morphologically be separated, the holotype of P. bipunctatus resembles a juvenile, consequently, a categorical taxonomic distinction between this species and P. chilensis will require a comparative morphological study of the preadult stages of this latter species.

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– The major study of pinnotherid crabs by Otto Bürger (1895) is a landmark publication for students of the Pinnotheridae, not only for the many new species described, but also for its introduction of


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The western Pacific pinnotherid crab, Fabia obtusidentata Dai, Feng, Song and Chen, 1980, which lives in the saucer scallop, Amusium (Pectinidae), is found not to belong to Fabia Dana, and is referred to the new genus Amusiotheres gen. nov.

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During the 1970 Caribbean cruise of R.V. "John Elliott Pillsbury" of the University of Miami, a peculiar Pinnotherid inhabitant of Lima tenera Sowerby was collected, later found to belong to an undescribed genus and species.

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The Argonaut was described by M.Lorois in the "Revue et Maog. de Zoologie," in 1852, as A.Xouryi, and the first detailed account of the Argonaut and its development was published by a lady, Madame Power, who made her observations in the Mediterraneall.

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